Balance & Falls Prevention

Causes :

There are many factors contributing to falls in older people. However muscle weakness in the legs, poor balance and altered walking patterns are among well documented causes and the areas that physiotherapy treatment helps.

Other factors which may increase your risk of falling are the combination of your medications and poor eyesight. It is worth discussing these with your GP. It is also important to ensure

1. Your home environment is safe and well lit. 2. Try to be physically active. This becomes more and more important as you grow older. 3. Thirty minutes a day of exercise is recommended.

Physiotherapists can offer a full falls risk assessment, and if appropriate will follow up with a targeted exercise program. Many physiotherapists in india are using the specialized exercise program to prevent falls in older adults. Using this program the Physiotherapist will select, from a variety of exercises, the most appropriate ones to Strengthen your leg muscles and improve your balance. The physiotherapist will also discuss with you ideas about how you can increase your level of physical activity in a way that suits you. As well as prescribing exercise program, physiotherapists can advise you on suitable foot wear, and provide walking aids if these would be helpful.