Head Office : Begumpet
Branch Offices : Kukatpally, Erragadda, Mehdipatnam, Nallakunta, Himayath Nagar, Mothinagar, New Boiguda, Secunderabad.

Help Line : 9533 600 600

Client Testimonials

1. I found dr vinoth physiotherapy has the best qualified, reliable and dedicated team best in the city - dr gaurav

2. Good positives which i had observed are *physios spend good time with the patients
*competetant physios
*regular follow ups with consultant doctors.
*flexible appointments
dr subhash

3. Dr vinoth physiotherapy has its reach through out the city.so my one point of contact for physiotherapy is dr vinoth.-dr madhu

4. All my post-operative patients are taken care by dr vinoth physiotherapy team.iam happy with their service.dr rao.

5. Dr vinoth focus more on exercise therapy which i strongly beleive will work well for the faster recovery of patients.-dr madhan

6. We fix the fractures and it heals.our job is done.but to regain the previous functional movement and strength,,efficient physiotherapist skills is needed for which iam associated with dr vinoth physiotherapy who are doing their best for me.thks-dr rajasekhar

7. Dr vinoth physiotherapy provide the best quality home care rehabilitation for my patients-dr sunil.

8. The important positive what i had observed with dr vinoth physiotherapy is they counsel and motivate the patient and win the confidence of the patients where patients give their best during rehabilitation and recover to the maximum possible potential.-dr sastry

9. Physiotherapy exercises looks simple,but does a big difference in the recovery of the patients.i strongly recommend dr vinoth physiotherapy for their excellent dedicated work.-dr gautham.