Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Definition :

Sports injury rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary approach to help athletes in bringing back the body to its normal functioning and get back to the game as soon as possible.

In sports, injury is inevitable. It can be a result of overuse of a group of muscles and bones, bad training and form, as well as bad luck and accidents.

Whether you are engaged in non-contact sports, you are still at risk of a sport injury though as high as the risk when you are a participant of a contact sport.

Rehabilitation is vital to getting back to the game and preventing the recurrence of the same injury as well as lowers the possibilities of an injury.

The success of the therapy, however, depends on the adherence of the athlete to the structured program.

Exercises are performed in order to Strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility and mobility, use proper breathing patterns, avoid poor training technique as well as prevent the future incident of the injury.

Strengthens   key muscles:  Exercises  are performed to bring back the pre-injury condition of the affected area.

  • Improves flexibility and mobility and performance: Stretches and other exercises are done to address mobility restrictions in the body.
  • Avoids poor training techniques: Training technique determines the susceptibility of an athlete to injuries.
  • Prevents recurrence of injury: Rehabilitation trains the body to be better prepared to cope with injury and avoid another episode.

Helps achieve peak athletic performance: Coming back from an injury, achieve peak athletic performance